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home of The People's Print Studio

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Jo and Trish are the founders of not for profit charity The People's Print Studio. Together they have been working towards the creation of a unique open access screen print studio for Melbourne.


The studio would be not for profit with a membership base, appealing to practicing artists, designers and independent small businesses. 

The studio would be a social enterprise and as such, there would be a particular focus on inclusion and accessibility. 

Members would have extended access and there would be a diverse program of classes and workshops connecting to the wider community.

A well-resourced 'one Stop shop' shared space would be a fantastic addition to Melbourne's thriving arts scene. 


studiotroika, while a smaller scale than our envisaged open access studio will allow us to run a range of pilot programs and build the momentum for The People's Print Studio's grander plans.

We are in the early stages of building our charity and are seeking to promote interest and involvement in our cause.

We are seeking passionate supporters so please contact us if this is an area of interest for you, .



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